Voyager Mountain Bike Helmet Light Kit

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2100 Lumen Mountain bike helmet light with GoPro Mounts.

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The ultimate mountain bike helmet light. If you’re ready for some serious lumination, then this is the light for you. Designed for the extreme night riders of the world, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery powered light will run at full power for over 3 hours. Weighing in at just 2.1 ounces, you won’t even be able to feel this light on your helmet. The kit comes with all the attachments to mount this light to your helmet or handlebars.

There are three power settings; low, medium, and high. This lamp is incredibly bright, allowing you to ride faster than ever through the night. The Voyager comes with 4 battery power level indicator lights, allowing you to always know the range of your remaining battery power. With the Voyager mountain bike light kit, you no longer need to worry about being caught in the dark.


Lumens 2100
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Weight of the Light 2.1 oz
Weight of the Battery 9.7 oz
Case Dimensions 7″ x 5″ x 3″
Watts 10
Amps High 1.15, Med .56, Low .12
Volts 8.4
LED Temperature 6500K

Water Resistant (snowmobilers & skiers have no problems)
3 Power Modes
GoPro® Mount Compatible
Aluminum Construction
Battery Power Level Indicator Lights

1 x Light
1 x Rechargeable Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Curved Adhesive Helmet Mount
1 x Flat Adhesive Helmet Mount
1 x Vented Helmet Strap
1 x Handlebar Mount
1 x Storage Case

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in
Mountain Bike Kit

1-light kit, 1-battery – $119, 1-light kit, 2-batteries – $149, 2-light kits, 2-batteries – $229, 2-light kits, 4-batteries – $299

38 reviews for Voyager Mountain Bike Helmet Light Kit

  1. Mike L. (verified owner)

    Better than expected and very well made!

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    Grandson lived this kit!!

  3. Kevin V. (verified owner)

    It’s by far the best and brightest light I’ve owned. I actually only use medium because you don’t need anymore lumens than that! Awesome light I would definitely buy it again! I ride roads early in the morning for about an hour and a half and and I only need to charge the battery every 4th ride, but it’s only at 50%.

  4. Matt F. (verified owner)

    Excellent light. More than enough light for night rides on my mountain bike. The weight of the light itself on my helmet was negligible, didn’t even notice once I got pedaling. The helmet strap was really easy to use and there’s no way it could damage or scratch my helmet. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anybody looking to get out after sundown!

  5. Richard Finn (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it on the bike yet. But I did use it snow shoeing. It’s an awesome light.

  6. Jeremy R. (verified owner)

    Light is awesome. Great customer service

  7. Theresa (verified owner)

    I am so happy with this light, I ended up ordering another for a friend. Also, the customer service through the whole shipping process, status updates, quick delivery also an A+++!!! This company knows how to run a very trustworthy business!!

  8. Fraser W. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and quality. Headband strap would be welcomed

  9. Michael Isaacs (verified owner)

    I love my Oxbow lights, it’s great deal compared to almost everything on the market for mountain biking. The battery pack is small and the beam pattern is ideal for riding. I’m impressed and very pleased.

  10. William Denson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the light! Crazy bright, and good run time on high! Would definitely recommend it

  11. Len B. (verified owner)

    Disclaimer: first real helmet light and new mountain biker.

    I’ve been road cycling a long time. Used my bar light with a helmet mount. 1100 lumen Blackburn didn’t seem bright enough and was unsteady.

    This light was worth it. Like night and day compared to my road bar light. Lightweight, easy to mount, easy to aim where I wanted, easy to turn off or adjust, easy to stash the battery in my pack, stayed in place down a mountain of boulders. There is a plethora of accessories, more than I’ll use. I absolutely love it.

    Best money spent on night cycling. Maybe there are better lights, but you will not be disappointed if you buy this one.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Chuck G. (verified owner)

    Great headlight, have ridden with it on trail half a dozen nights. Great flood illumination and excellent battery life 2+ hours on high.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Mark F. (verified owner)

    I bought this as a mountain biker in Europe. (Ireland). If you are considering ordering from the US and see it as a risk. Do it. The light is amazing, brilliant light, exactly as promised, i am extremely happy with it. Its also really light on the helmet. The mount kit is great. Really well designed. And shipment to Ireland from US was no problem. It arrived in 5 days after ordering and in my case i did not need to pay any customs which helped to offset the $30 shipment cost. I ordered x1 only to keep it under the radar. lt’s well worth ordering this light from the US.

  16. Zach (verified owner)

  17. Kent PIllott (verified owner)

    This our second unit, love it! You guys are great.

  18. Benjamin M. (verified owner)

    Excellent choice on mountain bike light. I have ran it a handful of times and medium is plenty enough bright for mountain biking. Just as a test I ran it for just over an hour on high and it took just over an hour to charge that battery fully. The light head itself is surprisingly small.

  19. MICHAEL C. (verified owner)

    For its size it puts out a lot of light.

  20. Philip (verified owner)

    The light itself is awesome. Works well and lasts long. Brightest setting isn’t necessary most times. The GoPro mounts juggle a bit but not a deal breaker as the GoPro accessories all have a degree of play. The battery pack is the only issue. The material is ok and does not scratch the frame but the stitching has started to year to the point of being unusable. The case may be substituted, however the light is great; small, bright and light weight.

  21. Patrick M. (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend this light. My first impressions of this system are very good. Everything comes in a sturdy little case that should protect it as it sits in the garage or gets packed away for trip where space is at a premium so things need to be small and crammed together. The light, battery, and connections all seems well built and tough. The light itself weighs very little so it isn’t noticed at all on the helmet mount. First couple night rides on the mountain bike (haven’t had the opportunity to use it on moto yet) were on twisty technical single track in a pitch black forrest. The light worked awesome. All three light levels will get you safely through the ride, but medium basically gets you to daylight in front of you. And I’m convinced the highest setting is brighter than any of my motos stock lights. It’s easy to switch between modes on the fly so you can easily to compare. I rode the majority of time on the medium setting which was more than enough to bring me up to full speed on the mtn bike, and after 1:45 on the trail the power button was still green so it was still holding most of its charge. Overall I’m very happy with my Iight. I’m looking forward using it on the moto where I’m sure it will out perform any stock light. Lights like this used to cost $400. For $120 it’s a no brainer.

  22. Douglas Schmittler (verified owner)

    Amazingly bright and well made. Lots of optional mounts.

  23. Brian (verified owner)

    Super bright with a long run time. Highly adjustable and functional. Great price compared to other options.

  24. michael mitchell (verified owner)

    No instructions on how to install

  25. Rick (verified owner)

    With the exchange rate shipping and duty I paid twice the listed price. I compare the light to an existing helmet light of 1000 lumens and saw no noticeable difference. Not worth it, would cost me more to send it back, so I am stuck with it.

    • Oxbow Gear (store manager)

      Hey Rick, sorry to hear about your experience. We are happy to return the light for you. We cover return shipping if you’re not happy with the product. Contact us through our returns page and we’ll take care of you.


  26. James M. (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with my purchase. The power of the power of the light is equal to or greater than the NR it’s replacing, is more versatile and the difference in cost is more than considerable. Mine came with helmet and handlebar mounts. I’ve used mine both ways and it’s great. You DO NOT want to inadvertently shine anyone’s eyes while wearing the helmet light because it would hurt them. On the other hand I do use mine on daytime rides in flashing mode to get the attention of drivers who are otherwise occupied. Night rides are great because of the semi-flood pattern it throws and it’s super bright. And, for riders using the helmet option who carry the battery as I do either in a jersey pocket or a fanny pack, the cord + extension is around 44″ which provides unlimited head movements without tugging the helmet. You won’t be disappointed….I’m not!

  27. Nicole (verified owner)

    Can I give this a 10? Amazing lights! Went out for a night ride in the desert and had no issues seeing!

  28. Eduardo A. (verified owner)

    This light worked perfect for a 24hr mountain bike race.

  29. David Kuhny (verified owner)

    I bought this set up primarily for fat biking at night. I’ve ridden with it a couple of times and I really like it. The mount is great and easy to position. It also stays where you put it. 2200 lumens lights up the trail pretty well. Battery is great and works fine in cold temps. The only downside is that the battery is too large to hang on your helmet. I put it my pack and the cord has sufficient length that it doesn’t impede movement. At $150 you can’t beat this light. Everything else I looked at either has a shorter run time or lower output.

  30. Thomas Turner (verified owner)

    For anyone who hasn’t used a helmet mounted light this is a must try! It has added such an ideal safety factor to my morning rides I’ll never go without it! I can see so much better in the dark I can’t even calculate the benefit!

  31. Ashley (verified owner)

    Great product. Very bright. Easy to use.

  32. Erik

    The light was smaller & lighter than I thought it would be so that’s nice and I use this light on my helmet to supplement a handlebar light. I’ve been very impressed with the light output, runtime and ease of operation. Love the fact it has the GoPro mounting system.

  33. tim skipper (verified owner)

  34. Dean 096

    Been running the Voyager light setup for almost a year now and love them. I run two lamps one on the bike and one on my helmet and they are brighter than some of my buddies very very expensive setups and the flood pattern is much better. I ride 2-4 days a week on tight single track and also use these lights for racing Best in the Desert at speed in excess of 80mph and feel safe with my lighting. Highly recommended!

  35. Randy (verified owner)

    Great light. Smaller than I expected which is good, it allowed me to mount it under my visor to keep it away from low tree limbs and roost. Has a blueish color to the light but is very bright.

  36. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Solid build quality. Haven’t tested it at night yet, but looking forward to biking with it.

  37. Marcus (verified owner)

    Awesome! I have had my oxbow voyagers for almost three weeks now. I have been using two oxbow voyagers almost every day mountain biking. With the day light saving time change and my schedule, the only times i have to ride are after dark. These lights are awesome! Two lights is definately overkill but i like having one on my helmet and one on the handle bars.
    For motorcycling i have been using one voyager on my helmet along with the light on the bike. My dirt bike has a 100 watt high and low beam halogen headlight coupled with a rewound stator. The single oxbow voyagers put out more light than this set up, with better pattern and whiter light. I have not come close to outrunning these lights yet.
    The kits are well thought out and extremely affordable. These lights are extremely high quality. They have take a number of hard hits now with no adverse affects.
    Again these lights are awesome!

  38. Miles (verified owner)

    Great light! Very small, well constructed and extremely powerful.

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